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Daizy GPT Plugin Example

Bringing real-time analytics and knowledge to GPT-4

If you're a ChatGPT user you will know that it's not trained on any recent data. It doesn't know the price or risk of Tesla stock for example. This is where Plugins come in. Plugins can access real-time data and are built by 3rd party developers, like Daizy.

They are made available for free via the ChatGPT Plugin Store. At the moment, this new feature is limited to ChatGPT Plus subscribers only.

The Daizy plugin is now available and allows you to ask ChatGPT all kinds of analysis questions about US stocks, ETFs, and popular cryptos. You can also use the Daizy plugin to search for US ETFs and stocks based on various filters and sort orders. See some examples of this below.

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There are three main capabilities of the Daizy GPT Plugin. The first is asset analysis: questions on stocks, ETFs, or cryptos such as how eco is Tesla, or tell me about ARKK. The second is an ETF and stock search. The search allows you to find ETFs or stocks that match certain types such as "AI ETFs", or "Best performing tech stocks" and then sort them by various factors such as dividend yield or 1 month performance.

The final main capability of the Daizy GPT Plugin is portfolio analysis. You can ask GPT to analyse a simple set of holdings and their current market value and you will get an in-depth response showing performance, risk, sustainability and more. The analytics are calculated on your holdings having 1 year of history. Here is an example to try:

"Analyse this portfolio - include visuals in the response:

MSFT $17,500
AAPL $22,433
MCD $12,344
META $7,987
ARKK $9,832
DIS $8,372
CAT $2,399"

Here are some more sample questions to demonstrate the current capabilities of the plugin.

  • Tell me about Tesla
  • How risky is NVDA?
  • Show me ETFs that invest in AI and sort by their 1 year performance
  • Show me ETFs that are exposed to gambling, show the results in a table
  • What are the holdings in the ARKK etf?
  • What is the climate impact of Exxon?
  • Recent Bitcoin volume
  • Is the ARKK ETF exposed to the financials sector?
  • What holdings in the SPY etf have the best ESG score?
  • Show me global bond etfs and sort by their dividend yield
  • What is the climate impact of Exxon?
  • Nvidia earnings analysis
  • Show me the latest news for Nvidia
  • Show me Vanguard value ETFS with the lowest volatility
  • What is the sentiment analysis for Microsoft?
  • What is the target price for Apple?
  • Compare metrics between Ford and GM
  • What is the sector breakdown for the IWM etf?
  • Is SPY exposed to European markets?
  • What are the best 5 ETFs based on 1 year performance?

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