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Daizy is an AI system that gives insight to anyone with an investment portfolio based on questions in natural language.

"How eco is Tesla?"

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Daizy is an investment AI research company focused on deploying artificial intelligence capabilities for anyone with an investment portfolio.

DaizyAI’s mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) benefits the next generation of Millennial and GenZ investors.

By AI, we mean highly autonomous systems that scale human effort.

We will consider our mission fulfilled if our work aids financial advisors and individual investors to achieve better wealth outcomes and alignment with ethics, values and goals.

"Tell me about my risk..."

Your entire portfolio risk at a glance. Or individual stock, ETF, and crypto risks.

"How eco is Exxon?"

Learn how your investments are impacting the world.

Number 1 in ESG analysis

How companies impact their people, community, and the world - with how they generate and spend their profits.

Intuitive risk insight

Understand more about your portfolio’s risk, or the individual risks of stocks/cryptos. See risk like never before with our unique visualizations.

Cutting edge crypto data

Investing in cryptos or thinking about it? Daizy has industry-leading data and analysis to help you make more informed investment decisions.

Over 6.4 million investment insights delivered by DaizyAI

Since the launch of our free beta in May 2021

Carbon analysis

How do Tesla's carbon emmissions compare to other companies?

Water consumption

How much precious water do your favorite stocks consume as part of their business operations?

Leadership equality

What percentage of board members are women?

Connect your LIVE portfolio and get DaizyAI to analyze its risk and ESG

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Select from hundreds of brokers

Hundreds of online brokers supported. Simply select, login, and securely link your portfolio to DaizyAI.

Get the complete picture

We show you the analysis your broker won't. Full risk and impact analysis. See it all with DaizyAI.

Award Winning Research & Development

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"I created a small portfolio to test this. As I started flicking through the app, I immediately wanted an ESG rating for my entire portfolio. This is something I care about."

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"Great app, looks beautiful and actually shows me things I’ve never seen before on stocks."

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"This app has pulled me away from yahoo finance and opened a whole new world of understanding for me."

Daizy AI ranks 11th in the TechRound Fintech 50 awards

The awards highlight the innovation and success of Fintech companies across the UK, Europe and the World. After hundreds of entries the judging panel announced the results and we are delighted to rank 11th in our first year entering these awards.

Daizy AI awarded the Finovate sustainable fintech scholarship

The Finovate scholarship program: Designed to highlight and help the individuals and companies driving fintech forward through sustainable and equitable practices. Selected for FinovateFall 2022, Daizy exists to help people become more conscious investors.

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