The number one question we get asked is: how do I get started with Daizy?

Here are some of our favorite prompts to start exploring our ChatGPT Plugin.
  • How risky is Bitcoin?
  • How eco-friendly is Tesla?
  • Give me ideas for sustainable ETFs to invest in.
  • What stocks have been the safest to buy so far this year?
  • Generate a risk analysis report of AAPL over the past year. Use visuals where possible.
  • I’m a financial advisor writing a letter to a 62-year-old client who wants to move 60% of their portfolio into an NVIDIA position. Write a letter to demonstrate the risks of NVIDIA including real performance data and why overweighting on single stocks is a risky investing strategy.
  • I’m a university student putting together a stock pitch for an investment class. Generate some ideas of stocks to pitch based on performance and tell me why.
  • I’m a new investor and I want to learn more about ETFs, their pros and cons, and want some ideas for broad market ETFs, as well as tech and health sector etfs. Can you give me some ideas?
  • Explain the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum, and compare their performance and risk over the past 5 years.
  • What is the market pulse today?
Of course, the best conversations are yet to be had! Check back in here for updates on our favorite and the most popular prompts. Start following your curiosity with our ChatGPT plugin!