To give super powers to the next generation of advisors

The new era of conversational AI is rapidly changing the way the next generation of investors engage with their advisors.

We are offering an AI-powered solution that aims to increase the number of clients an advisor can support by a factor of 10.

We will consider our mission fulfilled when our AI work transforms the ability for financial advisors and individual investors to achieve better wealth outcomes while aligning with modern investment ethics.

People aged 58 to 76 (Baby Boomers) enjoyed decades of economic growth and amassed a jaw-dropping amount of wealth. Today, they control 70 percent of the America’s disposable income.

Currently, roughly 45 million Baby Boomer households are finalizing their estate plans and making arrangements to pass down their wealth. So who will be on the receiving end of this $70 trillion? The answer:millennials. To put things into perspective, millennials currently own less than 5 percent of the nation’s wealth.

In a matter of years, the dynamic will completely flip. They are expected to inherit $5 trillion over the next decade. By 2045, they’ll begin to inherit over $2.5 trillion annually. Historically, close to 90 percent of assets leave an advisor (and thus their firm) when a client passes away.  A recent survey by Investment News confirmed this by finding that 8 out of 10 millennials intend to sack their parents financial advisor.

In parallel to the great Wealth Transfer, we are witnessing the birth of the AI revolution. Millennials and Gen Z’s are rapidly changing they way they interact with the cloud, particularly with the rise of Large Language Models like ChatGPT. This year, Insider Intelligence estimates By 2026, more than half of internet users in the US will use voice assistants and conversational AI.

In the coming months we will be deploying our full AI conversational capabilities into our public API. We have currently deployed the full capabilities of the backend engine that powers the AI. Our public API is the simplest way to get professional grade investment visualizations into your platform. Quickly add our analysis with a simple API call. We cover performance, risk, ESG, impact, and sentiment.

To learn more, please visit Our API page.

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