While I know that investing in index funds is the widely recommended way to build up a solid nest egg for retirement, I’m intrigued by the idea of becoming a more active investor and selecting some individual stocks for my portfolio. 

After I decided to get a little more involved in my investing, I was faced with a tough question: Where do I start? I know there are tons of stock research platforms and stock picking services out there, but they can cost tens to hundreds of dollars per month. And even if I was willing to pay for help selecting my stocks, I wouldn’t know which platform to use. In fact, I’d probably end up spending more time researching stock research services than the stocks themselves!

I decided to turn to Daizy, since I know the chatbot pulls its answers from huge, reliable data sources in seconds. Plus, Daizy has begun implementing an “acid test” for its outputs, allowing it to double-check that its answers are free of hallucinations. Not to mention it’s free!

I started by making up an example portfolio and asking Daizy to perform a risk analysis on it.

Daizy returned a set of seven different visualizations, complete with descriptions.

The charts showed me that my portfolio was riskier than the market, with the potential for a slightly higher return. I know that higher returns require more risk, but was it worth it in this case?

Now that Daizy taught me how to calculate some key risk metrics, I asked it to compare the Sharpe ratio of my portfolio to that of the S&P 500.

And finally, I asked for some suggestions for stocks that could improve my portfolio’s Sharpe ratio.

Daizy made it clear that it does not give financial advice, and encouraged me to conduct further research and meet with a financial advisor before making any big changes to my portfolio. But in the meantime, my Daizy conversation gave me a lot to think about on my investing journey!