Daizy is an AI enabled values-based investing app for the new generation of informed investors has partnered with socially responsible investing platform Alinea.  

Alinea a registered investment advisor and member of the FINRA & SIPC, are on a mission to make responsible investing easy, social and more inclusive.  

It’s true that we live in uncertain times. Our volatile and complex reality in which we currently find ourselves may have left people feeling more anxious for one reason or another. People want transparency and technology driven solutions to take control of their financial wellbeing. However, the tools, the data, and the content are held closely by the institutions. Daizy transforms the investment world by giving people inspiring and educational infographics to ensure they have better financial outcomes that also match their values.  

With both brands innovative approaches, strong social consciences, and drive for making investing more accessible, the partnership is a natural fit.  

Alinea is using the Daizy API to get professional grade investment analysis visualizations into the Alinea platform which show users performance, risk, ESG, and impact analysis. Alinea’s users can get the complete narrative when it comes to their investments, including best and worst performers, maximum drawdown, climate impact, see which companies have women in leadership positions and access to daily social sentiment scores.  

Co-Founder and CEO at Daizy, Deborah Yang Quote:

“We at Daizy are passionate about women’s leadership and getting more women and people of diverse backgrounds to start investing early,” said Deborah Yang, CEO of Daizy. “We are very pleased to have Alinea partner with Daizy on this common mission for informed investing.”

Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Alinea, Eve Halimi Quote:  

“At Alinea we are extremely mission driven to provide the next generation with the tools to invest in themselves for themselves. We are extremely excited about having partnered with Daizy to provide our community members with better impact investing tools to further their education and well being”

About Daizy:

Next generation investors care about sustainability and now through Daizy, you can align your investments with your values. Daizy is the only app that gives you a 360-degree view on your investment risk and impact. For investors of all levels of experience who want transparency in this era of volatile and uncertain markets. If you would like more information about the Daizy API for your business, then please visit Daizy