Jonty Hurwitz

Jonty Hurwitz - CTO & Co-Founder

Jonty Hurwitz is a seasoned fintech entrepreneur and the driving force behind Daizy's research, a pioneer in Communication Intelligence AI for the wealth and finance sectors.

FinTech Innovator

Jonty's fintech journey began with the sale of his first company, Delve, to Statpro PLC in 2005. He then architected Statpro Revolution, a platform that powers 8 of the top 10 global asset managers. As CTO and co-founder of Wonga, he created the world's first real-time online consumer loan system. His technological ingenuity has been recognized with awards such as '10 European Technology Companies to Watch' and 'Best Use of Technology' at the Fast Growth Business Awards.

The Merging of Art and Science

Jonty is also an internationally recognized artist at the intersection of art and science. His art is exhibited in museums, galleries, and biennales worldwide, earning him two Guinness World Records for creating the world's smallest sculptures. His work is also widely cited in the academic research community for its ground-breaking merging of art and technology. This unique confluence of disciplines informs the innovative spirit of Daizy and speak deeply to the state of the generative AI industry as a whole.

The Daizy Advantage

At Daizy, Jonty combines his fintech expertise and artistic vision to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions tailored for the financial sector. For financial clients seeking collaboration in technological innovation and deep industry knowledge, Daizy, under Jonty's technological guidance, offers an unparalleled advantage.

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